Thursday, February 24, 2011

Once Upon a Dream

We finally got to go to Disneyland!! We have been patiently waiting and counting down the days since Christmas, and IT WAS MAGICAL! We LOVE Disneyland! The rides and characters were fun but my favorite part was all the AMAZING shows they put on. So fun!
This is out of order but I had to put Tyler's favorite. Donald Duck! He was so excited to get a picture with him, more than the kids.
Waiting for the Airplane. This was another highlight of our trip. They were both squealing and laughing so hard as the plane took off. It was fun for us to see.

This is how we walked home most nights from the park. EXHAUSTED! Usually we crammed both of them in here and they fell asleep on each other.

Having lunch at Italy's famous Naples Restaurant. REAL PIZZA! YUM!

This was Braxton's favorite ride. California Screamin. He was two inches too short so Tyler took him into the bathroom and stuffed his shoes with LOTS of paper so he would be tall enough. We didn't quite make it for Madison and she was very dissappointed that she couldn't ride it. Her favorite ride was the Tower of Terror. We also loved Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad.

We saw lots of Characters. Here are a few of our favorites. Sully- Monsters Inc.

Buzz Lightyear!

Jesse- We did see Woody also

Beach day!! It was so warm and perfect weather. We played in the sand, played in the water and fed the seagulls. Until one of them got brave and took some food right out of Madisons hand and bit her finger. It was a perfect day.

Madison got to meet most of the princesses. This is Ariel. She was super excited and them super shy when she actually met them.


and Goofy!

We had a blast! The twins ask me everyday when we can go back. Kamree stayed home with Grandpa and Grandma Wheatley and we missed her very much. We can't wait until next time!


shelly said...

so fun! we are saving up to go for the first time and can't wait!!!

Erica Bazil said...

Ahhh! That is such a fun vacation. We've kept thinking we want to go and have finally decided to wait another year or so (Cash is at an age he'd remember and love the trip but we're not quite sure that Vanna would be big enough to ride on much or even remember it much later where she's so young). I probably want to go more than the kids - it's such a fun trip. So glad you enjoyed it!

Melissa said...

Oh, that sounds so fun! And snowless! And you look beautiful and I love you and I miss you and run on sentences rock my socks!

The Butterfield's said...

I was happy to see your blog had been updated. I hadn't checked it for a while so was glad to see some recent pictures of your vacation to Disneyland. Looks like fun and the twins had a blast.

Anonymous said...

Okay did you not take Camry? I didn't even think to ask you that! Looks so fun. I can't wait to take the kiddos myself and Im LOVING the pic of Braxton crashed in the stroller. LOL