Friday, June 6, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

I'm off to have some fun in the sun, since it's June and we haven't made it to Summer yet I'm heading to St. George were they sun always shines! See you when I get back.

Our Favorite Things!

So one of our favorite things to do is go to Tyler's family cabin in Island Park. We visit there faithfully as often as we can. A week or so ago we went up to do some four wheeling. Spring time four wheeling is my favorite because it's not dusty, there are lots of puddles to go through and even some snow so it makes it fun and adventurous. Our kids LOVE it and beg to go to the cabin all the time. It's so much fun watching them have so much fun.

Braxton loving the puddles (a.k.a. rivers)

Sometimes we get tired!

Tyler, my brother Kody, cousin Brandon, me, Madison, Braxton, Richard and my sister Julie

We almost lost Brandon on this one, he thought he was going swimming! The front two wheels were actually floating.

This is Tyler's four wheeler that he got when he was little and it still runs!! The kids love it! We were in a gravel pit going up and down all the hills and you could hear the kids squealing the whole time. The bigger and faster the better! Kids come with guardian angels right?