Monday, October 26, 2009

Soccer and Dance

Madison was so excited to take dance this year so we signed her up and thought that Braxton would enjoy playing soccer so he could do something as well. Boy were we wrong! Story below This is Madi in the ISU Homecoming parade. She is having so much fun dancing and is learning great moves.

Ok so this is the morning of Braxtons first soccer game. He was excited and actually did pretty good.

This is his second game .............................sitting down

Standing there lifting up his shirt

He made a goal!! ( during half time while all the other kids are getting drinks!)

He was sooooo tired by now and was crying about having to play so we gave his shirt and shin guards to..............

Madison!! She ran out there and took charge. So Braxton proceeded to cry every game that he was tired before we even got there and Madison had to play for him. Needless to say he doesn't enjoy soccer. (He does cry every time Madi goes to dance though because he can't go!!???) =)

Welcome Kamree Jean!!

We have finally added our new addition to our home. Kamree Jean was born on Oct. 5 at 7:26 am. She weighed 8 lbs 11 oz and was 19 inches long. We had a scheduled c-section that morning so we had to be there at 5:00 to get all ready and prepped for surgery. The morning of I decided I'd better get one picture of me being pregnant with her so I could show her later. So here I am, me and all my glory 9 months pregnant and glad to be done.

Anxiously waiting for our baby girl.

Here she is!!! We were able to record the c-section and it is gross! but, amazing too. Glad she cleaned up so good.

Her 1st real bath which she loves...

Proud brother. All he likes to do is kiss her head and look at her poop.?

Madi is our big helper who can't get enough of HER little baby. She makes sure Braxton knows whos sister it is everyday.

They both have been very good with her and love her to pieces. Soooo glad!

This is what happens when grandma comes to visit... we play dress up and take tons of pictures. Too bad I'm not very fast at getting them off my camera so she can see them.

We have enjoyed her so much already and love her very much!!