Saturday, January 24, 2009

Family Pictures

We finally got some family pictures done. Here are a few of my favorites!

Sometimes I wish my kids would never grow up. Isn't this adorable?

Pictures make me remember the reasons why we are here. They bring back so many memories and good times in my life. They put a smile on my face when life starts getting too hectic. I just have to look at these and I am again reminded how grateful and unfulfilled I would be without my kids and husband in my life.

What We've Been Up To!

All of these pictures are old but I just wanted to have a record of the things that have happened to us these past few months. This is the newest picture of our house that I have. I know I know.

This is the day we bought our first lot! We finished building and moving into our house two days before Thanksgiving. The day after my whole family came and we had a flooded basement, no water, a big hole outside and a big mess. It did get fixed and cleaned up just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Talk about breaking in the house! We LOVE our house though and our neighborhood and friends that we've made being here. We also LOVE visitors!

This was the kids first day of Preschool. They were so excited and have done a very good job.
I can't believe they are already that old.

I really was actually happy. What's better than two hours of FREE time two days a week!
I'll cry when they go to kindergarten. =)

This is my brothers' fiance, Stephanie! isn't she cute! Their wedding is coming up in April.

I just needed to keep some proof that I actually got Tyler to paint his body green. Isn't he a great Shrek?
Just a few memorable moments. We are glad to back up and running.