Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just ONE!

When Tyler and I had our twins we were told that because they were our first and they were fraternal we had a very high chance of having multiples again. So being prepared for this we've waited until our kids are four to have anymore. Yes, we are pregnant! It's hard being excited about it right now, living with my head in the toilet and having zero energy, but I will be hopefully soon. Fortunately, unlike with the twins, I do have some good days which keep me going. We have had a lot of anxiety about our Dr. appt. that was on the 14th because that was when we were going to find out how many we were having and how much of out lives were going to change. We were stressing about the medical bills, (obviously) where we were going to put more than one, having to finish our basement this soon, getting a bigger car, and most importantly the problems that twins come with being preemie. But we are happy to announce that there is only one and we are relieved and excited about actually enjoying the baby years. I'm 15 weeks along and due October 10th. Yeah!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Boys/Girls Night

Last Saturday Grandpa Wheatley took Tyler, Braxton, Kevin (Ty's brother) and his son Will to the Monster Truck show. The boys, big and small, LOVED it! Braxton wants every monster truck he sees and is constantly crashing and crushing things!

While the boys were off playing so were the girls. Grandma Wheatley took Madison and I to dinner and then her and Madison went to the movie Monsters vs Aliens and then shopping for a new dress and shoes, which she has now worn for three straight days! She had so much fun and bawled when Grandma left. We now have a rule that if Grandma wants to have a girls night with Madison she gets to have a sleep over too! =) Thanks for spoiling us! We love you!


My mom was going through her storage and came across all my old dance costumes. Needless to say Madison and even Braxton have been having so much fun playing dress up. Each of these bring back so many fun memories, I just thought all you Dance Sourcers would love a walk down memory lane!

I actually could still fit into this one.... I didn't say it looked good, I was just able to put it on!

Madison keeps asking me, "When I get older can I wear this to the temple?"
I'll remind her I already have her wedding dress when she wants to spend 1000.00!